In some environments when performing a migration with Archive Shuttle it may be necessary to upgrade Enterprise Vault. This article explains some best practices which can be used when doing this upgrade.
The following describes the best practice when performing an upgrade of Enterprise Vault

  • Disable all the modules, to let them run out of work. This is on the Archive Shuttle Modules page.
  • Wait a little while to make sure that they are not performing work.¬†Note: You could also at this stage restart the modules to flush them of work, but it is not normally necessary.
  • Do the upgrade of Enterprise Vault
  • Re-enable the EV Collector module(s)
  • On the EV Environment page, do an Environment Sync.
  • Wait a few minutes for that to run. You can review the EV Collector module log file to check for errors.
  • Re-enable all the other modules
  • Wait a few minutes to see that work begins again, i.e. imports and exports that were previously running.
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