Service accounts for Reporting

Overview Nova Reporting uses service accounts to collect data from O365 tenants. Service accounts are used to collect data via PowerShell in cases where data can’t be collected via GraphAPI. This article explains how to create a Read-Only Administrator account in Office 365 for use with Nova.  It is important that you complete all theContinue reading Service accounts for Reporting

Change the service account password in TMS

Overview This article explains how you can correctly change the service account password for Nova Reporting. We recommend that you do this on a regular basis to ensure continued security within your environment. Details If you need to change the password, you’ll need to make the change first in two places: Office 365 Admin PortalContinue reading Change the service account password in TMS

Reauthorize a Tenant in Nova

Overview The cloud world is changing constantly, and so is the data flowing through it. Nova is provisioned with set of authorizations, and if the data is changed, the authorization needs to be changed also. This KB describes how it can be done via the Tenant Management System Client (TMS Client). For Quadrotech’s direct customers,Continue reading Reauthorize a Tenant in Nova

How to generate a Redux trace

When troubleshooting an issue in Nova, we may need to get a Redux trace. In this article we’ll explain how to generate a Redux trace. What’s a Redux trace? Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. Redux trace is outcome of using Redux helping developers to troubleshoot issues within application using Redux. Why doContinue reading How to generate a Redux trace

Changing default organisation in TMS

Summary In case one user email is used in multiple tenants, the default organisation has to be selected to provide the switching mechanism for Radar Reporting. Solution Log in to TMS (Tenant Management System) Navigate to User menu (top right corner) Select My Associations Click on the "star" next to the organisation you wantContinue reading Changing default organisation in TMS

Trace logging for Migration Agent

Overview In some situation you may need verbose logging from the Migration Agent. This can be achieved by changing logging profile on user workstation. Solution In order to generate a highest level of logging for Migration Agent perform the following steps: Locate installation directory of Migration Agent. This is usually c:\Program Files\Quadrotech\Migration Agent\ Open file NLog.configContinue reading Trace logging for Migration Agent

How to add a user without an email account to Nova

In the normal sign up and access process for Nova, an invitation is send to the end user via email.  The user clicks a link in that email to accept the invitation and then they have access to the application. In some organisations there might be users who do not have an email account associatedContinue reading How to add a user without an email account to Nova