How to Deploy the Quadrotech On-Premises Agent

One of the latest additions to Radar Reporting is reporting for on-premises mailboxes. Data for mailboxes located on-premises and in Exchange Online can now be viewed side by side, which means that the reports can be used to track migration progress, or get a better understanding of a hybrid environment. In order to gather reporting data forContinue reading How to Deploy the Quadrotech On-Premises Agent

Internal Audit Log

The Audit Log, gives you the details of every privileged action that takes place within the reporting application – including the date, time, email address and IP address, action, and whether it was successful or not. The following actions are logged: User Login 2-factor auth enabled/disabled Add/delete user Add/delete a Site Collection Anonymize data set Add/delete/changeContinue reading Internal Audit Log

Mailbox Auditing

The Mailbox Auditing report allows you to quickly identify which mailboxes have auditing enabled and easily determine if the auditing settings have been appropriately configured. The pie chart shows the number of mailboxes with auditing enabled, while the table below it lists each use and their auditing settings. You can add, remove or re-order columns to display additionalContinue reading Mailbox Auditing

How to customize Radar Reporting with your own Logo

You can further customize your reports by uploading your own company logo. This means that all PDF, Emailed and Scheduled reports will be branded with your company branding.   First, log in to Radar Reporting using an administrator account. Click Profile & Settings in the left hand navigation menu and then click the Custom Branding tab. Click the UploadContinue reading How to customize Radar Reporting with your own Logo