Owned archives are not visible on the Bulk Mapping screen


Under specific circumstances, an issue has been identified where some archives appropriately associated with users are not listed under the Bulk Mapping view within Archive Shuttle.
Currently investigated incidents of this issue have found the issue occurs under the following conditions:

  1. The target is an Archive Mailbox.
  2. The system is in a hybrid Exchange environment.
  3. The impacted mailbox was migrated to Exchange Online, and back to On-premise Exchange, at least once.


Currently this behavior is considered aligned with the expectations of the current design of the product. Conditions under which this issue occurs are atypical and were not taken into consideration when the Bulk Mapping feature was designed.
At small scale, a valid workaround for this behavior has been identified. If you need assistance with this, please log a ticket with our Customer Experience Team via email to Support@quadrotech-it.com.
The current scope of this issue is considered to be small. Although this issue is no longer under investigation, if you encounter the issue as described, please contact a support representative with the details about the issue you are experiencing and citing this article, CET ticket 15689, and PBI 34938 so that re-evaluation can be considered if the issue’s scope is larger than presently thought.

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