The Archive Shuttle Shortcut process Module module may log the following error:

2019-10-12 16:02:44Z|6232| 18|ERROR| Process|Error processing item with entryId [000000000ECF82EADF6B7C41ABF6A902187D973D0700F82BE693FD342444B72F62FEFA532F8A0049BF03C7CC0000F82BE693FD342444B72F62FEFA532F8A0049BF0401F70000] in mailbox [Mailbox - User Mailbox] Void Save()
Error in IMAPIProp::SaveChanges: MAPI_E_OBJECT_CHANGED

This means something (Antivirus) or someone (User) modified the message during the period when the FixShortcut command was executed. When FixShortcut will run next time it should proceed.

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