The Archive Shuttle Shortcut Process Module may log the following error when executing FixShortcuts Stage 2 command with MAPI method.

2016-07-25 14:08:23Z|4436| 13|ERROR|                 <OnCoreCheckTimerElapsedImpl>b__2|Error during shortcut processing  Redemption.RDOMail GetMessageFromID(System.String, System.Object, System.Object)
Error in IMsgStore.OpenEntry: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND
at Redemption.IRDOSession.GetMessageFromID(String EntryIDMessage, Object EntryIDStore, Object Flags)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.ShortcutPostprocessModule40.ShortcutProcessor.ShortcutFixProcessor.Process(ShortcutPostprocessItem shortcutPostprocessItem)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.ShortcutPostprocessModule40.ShortcutProcessor.ShortcutProcessorBase.<>c__DisplayClass90_0.<OnCoreCheckTimerElapsedImpl>b__2()


2015-03-27 10:49:47Z|1524| 12|ERROR| Execute|Error while processing command [FixShortcuts] for ContainerMappingId: [X] Redemption.RDOFolders get_Folders()
Error in IMsgStore::OpenEntry - 0x00000000B2B295B9E54AE947874950DEE091202A01005F006F6F01452A4EAC7721D92014DFD5000000639ACD0000: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND
at Redemption.RDOFolderClass.get_Folders()
at ArchiveShuttle.Modules.ExchangeLibrary.Connection.MailboxConnectionBase.GetSharedMailbox(IRDOAddressEntry addressEntry, MailboxType mailboxType)
at ArchiveShuttle.Modules.ExchangeLibrary.Connection.MailboxConnectionBase.ConnectMailbox(String legacyExchangeDN, MailboxType mailboxType)
at ArchiveShuttle.Modules.ExchangeLibrary.Connection.PrimaryMailboxConnection..ctor(String legacyExchangeDN) at ArchiveShuttle.Module.ShortcutPostprocessModule.CommandExecution.ShortcutsExecutor.Execute(ModuleCommand command)

– Ensure that the default profile is configured for an account which has full control on all mailboxes. Grant appropriate permissions to the service account.
– Ensure that the default profile is configured to launch straight into Outlook (no prompts)
– Ensure that the default profile is an online profile (rather than cached mode)
– Ensure that the Service Account Default Outlook profile is set as default.
– Ensure that you have only one Outlook profile on the EV server doing the shortcut processing. Additional profiles may cause you these issues. Removal of the additional profiles and restarting the shortcut processing module may solve this issue.
Try to check the connectivity to the user mailbox and specific folder:
– Login to the default profile on the machine where is the Shortcut Process Module is installed. Check that Outlook launches without prompts into an Online (not cached mode) session.
– Add the user’s Mailbox into it. If you are able to log to the user’s mailbox, reset the Fix Shortcut command on the mapping with the issue. If you can not open the mailbox investigate why you cannot connect to the mailbox.
– If you are not able to open users mailboxes try to review if the Service Account has full mailbox permissions. Try to remove and add the Service Account to list of ‘FullAccess’ permission in Exchange.

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