During the migration of an archive with Archive Shuttle, the source and target archives may get renamed. They will have ‘Archive Shuttle’ added to them in order to make it easier to determine which archives have been processed. If Enterprise Vault policy is set to reset archive names, then this update made by Archive Shuttle will be undone the next time Enterprise Vault archiving task synchronizes the mailbox data.
To check if this policy is set perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Enterprise Vault Administration Console
  2. Navigate to site -> Policies -> Exchange -> Mailbox
  3. For each archiving policy view the properties and navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  4. Look for the setting labelled ‘Reset archive names’


To resolve the problem, one of the following may be performed:

  1. Ensure that the ‘Reset archive names’ policy is set to ‘Off’, rather than ‘On’.
  2. Set the mailbox archiving tasks to not do a mailbox synchronization.
  3. Stop the mailbox archiving tasks.
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