In 9.8 version of Archive Shuttle it is now possible to re-create a MAPI profile. The feature allows to re-create a MAPI profile automatically or manually.
Automatic re-creation of a MAPI profile
When enabled the feature will re-create a MAPI profile in 2 ways
1) Based on an error message
Default error message is MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED but it’s possible to add multiple error messages.

2) Based on a Module inactivity
Each time RecreateMapiProfile command runs, it will look at value in a Module table LastSeenDateUtc.

SELECT LastSeenDateUtc FROM[dbo].[Module]
where ServiceName = 'Archive Shuttle (Native Format Import Module - Mapi)'

In case it’s older than value set in ‘Time of module inactivity before re-creating MAPI profile’ MAPI profile will be automatically re-created.

Manual re-creation of a MAPI profile
It is possible to manually trigger re-creation of MAPI profile in AS Modules > Native Format Import > Re-create MAPI profile.

By default the feature is turned off and it needs to be enabled in:
System Configuration > Native Import Module > Enable re-creation of MAPI profile
or for individual Native Format Import Module
AS Modules >  Configure >Enable re-creation of MAPI profile

MAPI profile that is recreated is a dummy profile which uses offline cached mode and does not use any email address. Email and Account settings will be blank.


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