Sometimes the Archive Shuttle Export or Import Modules may log long times for the import/export of the last 1,000 items.
An example of this might be:

2020-04-29 06:37:18Z|14576|gs0346|153| INFO| Process|Last 1000 Items took: 39083504.4459 ms 

This may be normal. It could be the first 1,000 items to be exported for some considerable time. Consider the situation where the export module, for example, exports 7500 items for one archive, and then has no further work to do.  When it then receives some work, and exports an additional 500 items, a long time may have elapsed from the end of the first archive it was working on, to the start of the next and the subsequent 500 items.
It is advisable to monitor some of the subsequent 1,000 item log file counters to determine if there is really a problem

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