Archive Shuttle performs logging for activities in two locations, both of which can be useful for troubleshooting purposes. Logging can be configured to record data at a number of different levels: Info, Debug, Trace, Warn, Error, and Fatal.

Module-Level Logging

Each module records log information at the INFO level though that can be overridden if required. When the modules are installed, the location of these log files can be chosen. By default, the location is inside the program files folder in a subfolder called Logs.
The current location for the log files can be seen on the Modules page in the Archive Shuttle Admin Interface.
In addition to logging data locally, each module also transmits this log information to the Archive Shuttle Core, using a Web Service.
Each module can log extended information about item-level migration details; for example, on successful migration of an item an EV Import module may log the Archive Shuttle reference for an item, the source item ID and the target item ID.

Core-Level Logging

The Archive Shuttle Core logs information as well as the modules. The location where the log files will be written can be configured during the installation of the Archive Shuttle Core. In addition, to the core operations the Archive Shuttle Core will also log user interface actions to a file on the Archive Shuttle Core.
The Archive Shuttle Core also receives logging from each module. These files have .Client in their filename. This means it is not normally necessary to get log files from the servers where modules are installed.

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