When migrating a large source journal archive into a target, you might want to implement and use Folder Splitting functionality in Archive Shuttle, as well as archive splitting. This article explains why.
When migrating from a source archiving system, such as Enterprise Vault, to a new target archiving system, such as Enterprise Vault, there is usually no need to split the source archive in terms of the archive itself, or into new folders (and subfolders).
However, if the migration is to Exchange or Office 365, then it is often desirable for several reasons:

  • Office 365 and Exchange have limits on the number of items that can be stored in individual folders.
  • Performance in relation to viewing folders that contain millions of items is poor when using Outlook-type clients (MAPI based).
  • Mailbox or Personal Archive size limits on the target may prevent a large journal archive being ingestable into a single target container.

For these reasons, splitting at the folder level (which is a configuration of the Enterprise Vault Collector module) is desirable and easy to do. Splitting at the archive level by querying Enterprise Vault and counting the number and size of items in the journal archive per day, per week, per two weeks, or per month. Once a suitable splitting range has been defined, filters based on a date can be implemented in Archive Shuttle, and the source archive can be mapped multiple times to different target archives with different filters.

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