Hardware requirements for Archive Shuttle servers

The following components are normally installed on separate servers in a production environment:

  • The Archive Shuttle Core Server
  • The Archive Shuttle Modules
  • SQL Server databases

For pilot or demonstration purposes only, some or all of these can be installed on the same server.
Note: For performance reasons, this is not supported on a production environment.

Hardware requirements for Archive Shuttle Core Server

The table below indicates the requirements for the Archive Shuttle Core Server.

Component Configuration
Processors (cores) Minimum 4, Recommended 8
CPU Speed 2 GHz
Memory Minimum 4 GB, Recommended 8 GB
Hard disk Minimum 2 GB of free space

The Archive Shuttle Server is supported on an Enterprise-ready virtualization platform. For example, VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V. Desktop products are not supported (for example, VMware Workstation, Oracle Virtualbox).

Hardware requirements for Archive Shuttle modules

Archive Shuttle modules are supported on servers where the software vendor’s own minimum requirements are met (for example, Veritas Enterprise Vault / Microsoft Exchange).
Additionally, most export/import modules require a buffer or cache area for temporary storage of exported files. This is called the Staging Area. The minimum recommended size for the Staging Area is 100 GB, and should be on fast, direct attached disk for maximum performance.
Note: The size of the Staging Area does not need to match the source data size.

Hardware requirements for Archive Shuttle modules on standalone servers

If the Archive Shuttle modules are installed on separate standalone servers, then the requirements are as follows:

Component Configuration
Processors (cores) Minimum 4, Recommended 8
CPU Speed 2 GHz
Memory Minimum 4 GB, Recommended 8 GB
Hard disk Minimum 2 GB of free space

Note: Improve performance of the Office 365 and Exchange modules by adding more CPUs and memory.
The following are suggested requirements where Exchange / Office 365 modules are installed:

Component Configuration
Processors (cores) Minimum 4, Recommended 8
CPU Speed 2 GHz
Memory Minimum 16 GB, Recommended 32 GB
Hard disk Minimum 2 GB of free space

Hardware requirements for SQL Server

For SQL Server requirements on small (less than 5TB), medium (less than 20TB) and large (more than 20TB) Archive Shuttle migrations, click here.

Network requirements

Archive Shuttle can generate a considerable amount of network traffic. For optimal performance, we recommend a 1 Gbps below 10ms latency network.
For “offline” functionality (offline data shipping), it is still necessary to have a network connection for metadata transmission.
We recommend that you have at least 2 Mbps below 50ms latency network connection from the Archive Shuttle Modules to the Archive Shuttle Core, and a 100 Mbps below 10ms latency network connection for the Archive Shuttle Core to SQL Server communication.

Storage requirements

The following components of Archive Shuttle require storage:

  • Cache for export/import modules
  • PST Staging Area
  • SQL Server databases, including the Archive Shuttle Directory database and Item databases

Storage requirements for export/import modules cache location

The cache location for export/import modules must be accessible through CIFS (network share) and should be located on an NTFS formatted volume. It should have a minimum capacity of 100 GB. We recommend that you have fast disks in order to ensure the best migration performance.
Note: Export will stop if the free space on the staging area drops to 20 GB or lower. Free disk space can be reviewed on the Health Dashboard.

Storage requirements for PST Staging Area location

If migration is taking place to PST files, then an additional area is needed for that link. This area is where the final PST files will be placed by Archive Shuttle. The size of this area will be dependent on the source data size. For example, if the source data size shown in the Vault Store Usage Report totals 2 TB, then a staging area of approximately twice this size is required.

Storage requirements for SQL databases

Storage is required for the following SQL databases:

  • Archive Shuttle Directory database
  • Item databases

The directory database size requirement is 500 MB. However, to allow for temporary transaction log growth, it is recommended to ensure at least 5 GB is available for the database.
Each item database has an initial storage requirement of 2 GB; 1 GB for the data file, and 1 GB for the transaction log.
A basic sizing guide for each item database is 1024 – 1500 bytes for each item collected plus 1 GB for static data, transaction logs and temporary data fluctuations.

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