The Archive Shuttle EV Import Module module may log the following error:

2014-12-11 11:31:06Z|7740| 12|ERROR|                                    ImportItemImpl|Error ingesting item with into EV. ContainerMappingId: [1a25e2e4-e895-42d2-a79b-376352d4a050] | ArchiveId: [EVArchiveId] | ItemId: [ItemId] | ItemRoutingId: [ItemRoutingId]  Void Insert()
Problem with object properties. Property: Data. Reason: Invalid data type, bad filename, or file not found
   at KVS.EnterpriseVault.Interop.IItem.Insert()
   at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVImportModule.ItemImport.ImportItemImpl(EVImportItemContainer evImportItemContainer)
DTRACE on ArchiveShuttle.EVImport service:
2826       11:31:01.501       [24188]                (ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVImport)         <20656>               EV:L                {CDataBlobHelper::GetBytesFromFile:#273} File Path: \\HostName\StagingArea\LinkId\ContainerId\MappingId\ItemId
2827       11:37:21.508       [24188]                (ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVImport)         <20656>               EV:H                {CDataBlobHelper::GetBytesFromFile} HRXEX fn trace : Error [0x80070057], [.\DataBlobHelper.cpp, lines {254,285}, built Jan  7 10:48:35 2014].

There could be several issues:
1) Antivirus is accessing folders, subfolders, items on Staging area or Archive Shuttle services
Ensure that Staging area and all Archive Shuttle services are excluded from scanning, more in the links below:
Virus Scanners and Archive Shuttle Services
Virus Scanners and the Staging Area
2) Missing permission on the folders and subfolders
Ensure that both Share and NTFS full permissions are set for the service account under which are the modules running.
3) Corrupted disk
Check disk for corrupted partitions, sector etc.
Another approach is to map Links to another/new Staging area.

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