The Archive Shuttle EV Export module may log the following warning:

2016-11-25 03:08:32Z|1770| 9| WARN| GetStoragePath|Could not fetch current location from EV. Using original location  System.String get_CurrentLocation()
An internal failure occurred. Internal Error: 'Catastrophic failure  (0x8000ffff)'.
  at KVS.EnterpriseVault.Interop.IArchiveMetaData2.get_CurrentLocation()
  at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.GetCurrentLocation(IArchiveMetaData cmMetaData)
  at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.GetStoragePath(IArchiveMetaData archiveMetaData, IContent content)
2016-11-25 03:08:33Z|1770| 9|TRACE| StatisticsTimerOnElapsed|Logic Cancelation Statistics: Active Threads: [1] | In Use Threads: [0] | Waiting Callbacks in Pool: [0] | Waiting Callbacks in Group: [0] 
2016-11-25 03:08:33Z|1770|15|TRACE| Process|<< FetchItem [452 ms] 
2016-11-25 03:08:33Z|1770|15|TRACE| Process|<< CopyToStagingArea [6 ms] 
2016-11-25 03:08:33Z|1770|15|ERROR| GetCurrentLocation|-2147220730

The warning means that the current location is not known by Enterprise Vault and therefore we use original location instead. Item is exported successfully so the warning can be ignored.
In Enterprise Vault 8 modifiable metadata was introduced, that means that the location of an item can be updated in the EV archive when the item is moved in the mailbox. But that has to be enabled in EV.
If it’s not, or there has been a problem in updating some items, when such item is being extracted you may see that warning.
The warning is coming from EV API, therefore you should review the Enterprise Vault Event log for warnings or errors logged at the time when this error in the module occurred.

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