Export of some items from EV may fail with error message ‘Item not found.’ logged in EV Export module log file:

2017-09-05 20:46:41Z|5972| 16|ERROR|  Process|Error occured. ArchiveID: [113D45829A0CBCE49BACE448412CA70481110000XYZVault] | ItemID: [XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX]  Void Get(Int32)
Item not found.
at KVS.EnterpriseVault.Interop.IItem.Get(Int32 DetailLevel)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.FetchItem(IItem item, Int32 detailLevel)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.StandardContentRetriever.FetchItem(IItem item)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.ProcessAsFile(StagingArea stagingArea, EVExportResult item, String fileName)
at ArchiveShuttle.Module.EVExportModule.ItemContentRetrievers.ContentRetrieverBase.Process(EVArchive archive, Int32 commandId, Int32 mappingId, EVExportResult item, StagingArea stagingArea)


Archive Shuttle EV Export module is getting this log entry via EV API from Enterprise Vault. It indicates that the item is no longer available as has been removed by EV or a user (even though the database entries for the item still exist).
For further investigation:

  • Try to download the item via the Download link on the Failed Items screen.
  • Try to download it with SaveSet Fetcher (ask Support for more information).
  • Try to download it with EVSVR.
  • Do DTRACE on StorageOnlineOPNS and investigate the issue with Veritas.
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