The Archive Shuttle EV Collector Module module may log the following error after restarting the service:

2014-12-01 12:44:03Z|8844| 10|DEBUG| Start|Start Initializing Internal Cancel Database
2014-12-01 12:44:03Z|8844| 16| INFO| Verify|Checking exchange connectivity
2014-12-01 12:44:03Z|8844| 16| INFO| Verify|Succefully logged in Default profile.
2014-12-01 12:44:03Z|8844| 16| INFO| Verify|Default profile is using [olOnline] connection mode
2014-12-01 12:44:03Z|8844| 16|TRACE| Verify|Retrieving first entry from address book with display type 0
2014-12-01 12:44:03Z|8844| 16| WARN| Verify|Could not retrieve address book to check access other mailbox
2014-12-01 12:44:03Z|8844| 16|DEBUG| Verify|Check address book failed Redemption.RDOAddressEntry get__Item(System.Object)
Error in IMAPITable.QueryRows: MAPI_E_CORRUPT_DATA
at ArchiveShuttle.Modules.ExchangeLibrary.Connection.ConnectionVerifier.Verify(String& error)
 12:44:03Z|8844| 16| WARN| CheckEnvironment|Error on verifying exchange
connection: [Could not retrieve address book to check access other
2014-12-01 12:44:03Z|8844| 15|DEBUG| CheckEnvironmentWithTimeout|Check of environment finished on time: True.

This error may be caused by a corrupt Default Outlook profile and re-creation of the profile will solve it.
– Ensure that the default profile is configured for an account which has full control over all mailboxes
– Ensure that the default profile is configured to launch straight into Outlook
– Ensure that the default profile is an online profile (rather than cached mode)

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