Collecting the right log files is helpful when trying to troubleshoot issues with Archive Shuttle. This article provides some guidelines for Archive Shuttle 8.0 or later
If you can reproduce the error / situation that you experience, then try to isolate it as follows:

  • Determine the module that has an error / does not do it’s job
  • For example are items not being exported from Enterprise Vault? That will be the EV Export Module.


  • Disable all other modules on the Modules page in the UI
  • Set the affected module’s logging to TRACE. To set the logging to trace navigate to the Modules page in the Admin Interface, select the module (or modules) and select “Set Log Level”


  • Reproduce the error
  • Generate a Support Bundle. To generate a Support Bundle review this article.
  • Reset the log Levels to “INFO”
  • Enable the disabled modules

If you cannot reproduce the error, please determine the affected module (if any), and then send the module’s log and the WebService.log

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