The following diagram shows the Archive Shuttle components:

Archive Shuttle Core

The Archive Shuttle Core consists of three parts:

  • Archive Shuttle User Interface
  • Archive Shuttle Web Services
  • Archive Shuttle Service

These are explained below.

Archive Shuttle User Interface (UI)

The main point of interaction with the administrator is through the web-based user interface. It allows access from anywhere within the enterprise by just using a web browser. It is even possible for archive migrations to be performed remotely from outside of an organization; for example, partner-managed migrations.
Using the wide range of options in the Archive Shuttle User Interface, the administrator can configure and manage archive migrations within an enterprise. The interface also provides at-a-glance progress monitoring, as well as reporting.

Archive Shuttle Web Services

All interaction between Archive Shuttle and Archive Shuttle Modules is done through the Archive Shuttle Web Services. All modules communicate with the Web Services using HTTP(s). If HTTPS is to be used, there is additional configuration that needs to be performed.

Archive Shuttle Service

The Archive Shuttle Service is a Windows Service which periodically executes Archive Shuttle scheduled tasks. These can be database maintenance tasks or other tasks that need periodic execution in Archive Shuttle itself. It also execute database updates over the directory and item databases.

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