This is an overview page of the groups that have been defined in Archive Shuttle. Groups are used to apply a tag to users so that actions relating to their migration, or progress monitoring can be performed easily in the Admin Interface.
As an example, a group might be defined as “Migration Test Users”. There are several places in the Admin Interface (listed below) where users can then be added to this group. Groups can also be managed from this page in the Admin Interface.
Users/Groups can also be imported from a CSV file, if necessary.

Actions to be performed on the User Groups page

  • Add: Create a new group.
  • Edit: The name of a group can be modified.
  • Delete: A User Group can be deleted.
  • Unassign Users: Remove users from a group.
  • Assign Users (CSV Import): Imports users from a CSV file to a specific group.

Note: CSV files that can be selected for import should contain either a list of User SIDs to add to a particular group, sAMAccountNames, or Container Names

  • Refresh: Refresh the list of users and groups.
  • Reset: Reset the grid to the default view.

There are several places where containers/users can be added to groups:

  • User Dashboard
  • Bulk Mapping
  • Manual Mapping
  • Existing Mappings
  • Stage 1 (Sync Data)
  • Stage 2 (Switch User)

Once added a group, all these same pages in the Admin Interface allow the data to be filtered and grouped by the group name.

Note: A container/user can only belong to one group.

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