This article contains a list of changes to the current version of Archive Shuttle 9.8 versus the original release of Archive Shuttle 9.9.

Change List


Build Commit Description
Core: 9.9.40153.1
Modules: 9.9.40153.1
Original release of Archive Shuttle 9.9
9.9.40153.2 40d6e1ac Set ExportedDate as date received in Core
9.9.40156.1 72cfb166 Fixed evaluation of ReadyForImport status on CollectO365Mailboxes
9.9.40163.1 d8707569 UI: existing mappings – fixed enabling stage2 for JE mappings
9.9.40163.1 e2d8f413 Adjusted UpdateContainerInfo to not reset ProcessedItems count on error (-1); adjusted deleting mapping logic to remove ContainerInfo record only when “Include Item data” is checked
9.9.40163.1 0077dab8 Added TransferEVContainerInfo command trigger after EV item collection command is finished
9.9.40163.1 d6ed692d O365GetMailbox command (single) fixed processing of errors
9.9.40168.1 80f28cf6 JT – reworked strategy for retrieving check-quota requests & added new setting to check only actively importing users
9.9.40181.1 de411707 Return stats only for items which have existing volume.
9.9.40181.1 408279cc Extended IsCentera condition to check also CurrentUNCPath column while collection of items.
9.9.40181.1 fe768b75 Adjusted Source one item collection to check and update inconsistency in total and processed items counts
9.9.40183.1 913e3f90 Speed up queries used for processing of errors while ingest to Exchange and O365.
9.9.40199.1 68217ec8 Introduced setting to allow automatic import items without O365 retention mapping.
9.9.40199.1 b82d0a33 Speedup oAuth ingestion
9.9.40211.1 aca470fb Feature: Retry actions for failed remediation.
9.9.40211.1 50dcadb2 Fixed problem with deadlocks while consolidation of ItemRoutingJournalExplosion statistics.
9.9.40211.1 8168f6bb Correctly check if entity is new during MAPI check in ASAdmin module.
9.9.40211.1 66416e8c Added functionality to remove invalid properties from problematic messages.
9.9.40220.1 a289ef10 Added new setting PreferredDomainForUserMatch to select single user if we have duplicates while collection of o365 mailboxes.
9.9.40223.1 6e6e69e5 Adjusted S1 CF queries to include archives and messages with RouteMask 4
9.9.40225.1 2c540623 Increased timeout to queries which are used to retry items from UI.
9.9.40226.1 d6908792 Fixed issue with set legal hold retriever when used with multiple O365 modules
9.9.40237.1 a8a99ed2 DB – Office365OAuthConcurrentBatches – removed configuration per ContainerMapping
9.9.40237.1 c2f17d1b JT finalization – added automatic retry of hanging licensing commands
9.9.40240.1 85d9ac1d Added logs to know more info about legal hold command execution.
9.9.40262.1 9f2cc2c7 Added condition for stage 2 finished when getting eligible stage 2 commands for execution (GetReadyContainerMappings)
9.9.40266.1 bfc88470 Fixed calculation of LastChunk for collection of items from PST.
9.9.40282.1 4e227c24 Created Get-ASArchive PS command.
9.9.40282.1 635db1ce Merged implementation of automatic merge by preview functionality.
9.9.40288.5 aafcd042 Enhanced export speed for S1.
9.9.40296.2 a77a6f16 Always get items from CORE for RestoreForeignShortcut
9.9.40296.2 c6b2f2bb JE LeaverManagment – sync IsValidPreviewAddress function definition with its 10.0 enhanced version
9.9.40296.2 95c09377 Enhanced collection of items for S1 to deal with wrong email addresses stored in S1 DB.
9.9.40304.1 9e23fa19 Adjusted check for auto stage 2 switch as the wait for import finished command

Latest Version

Core: 9.9.40304.1
Modules: 9.9.40304.1

Known Issues

Due to exclusive file locks on the PST file or message being imported, one of the following errors may occur:

  • The process cannot access the file

Consecutive attempts at processing the file should be successful. There is a known issue with Outlook 2013 used with the Native Format Import module. More information is available here.
Ticket ID: 5969 & 5654
When customizing Stage 2 Workflows, it should be noted that DisableMailbox and DisableOrphanedArchive are mutually exclusive. This means that only one of those should be present in the workflow. If both are included then unpredictable results will be observed with some commands appearing to ‘hang’ during Stage 2.
KB: 625
The dates relating to oldest and youngest item in archive can vary from what is eventually collected from the item-level metadata in the source archive. This is because the data comes from different databases tables in the source environment. More details in the knowledge base article
Office 365 hold types
As of 1st July 2017, Microsoft is changing the way that legal holds can be used in Office 365. Archive Shuttle currently allows the usage of one, or the other, or both of these types of hold:

  • Litigation Hold
  • In-place hold

From 1st July it is required to use the legal hold type called ‘Litigation Hold’. More information is available in this Microsoft article.
The ‘In-place hold’ will be removed from a future version of the product.
Migrations involving folders with leading and trailing spaces.
This issue affects only Enterprise Vault migrations (to any supported target). All versions of Enterprise Vault are affected. A known issue in Enterprise Vault means that leading and trailing spaces in folder names are not provided to Archive Shuttle by the Enterprise Vault API. This can result in mis-named folders in the target environment. Veritas is aware of this issue, but there are no current plans to fix the issue.
Note: Confer with Microsoft to determine whether the terms of your licensing agreement are impacted by the legal hold feature.

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