This article contains a list of changes to the current version of Archive Shuttle 9.6 versus the original release of Archive Shuttle 9.6.

Change List

Build Commit Description
Core: 39230.1
Modules: 39230.1
Original release of Archive Shuttle 9.6
9.6.39235.1 c6b842c5 Update item splitting status only in case it‘s needed
9.6.39235.1 852392d8 JE Recreate deleted users – fixed issue with recreation of deleted users
9.6.39235.1 11c471ba Use Independentsoft.PST from dependencies, not from Nuget
9.6.39235.1 ce804d64 JE recreate deleted users – fixed issue with resetting import items in multiple item dbs
9.6.39235.1 401901db Sync O365 deleted users – fix issue with setting proper JE user mapping status for deleted O365 users
9.6.39246.1 84624db7 JE check quota – do not check quota if there is none user mapping in Ready for.
9.6.39246.1 adc1aed0 NativeFormatRename command – process results also when stage1 finalize PST functionality is turn on
9.6.39246.1 ebff4d28 EV Collector – hybrid mailbox collection now use OAuth when switched on
9.6.39246.1 74d18581 JE check quota – do not check quota unless there is at least one user mapping in Ready state or execution is forced manually.
9.6.39246.1 a1e04dd1 Adjusted email validation during reconstruction of P1 header + added some missing usings.
9.6.39246.1 42386f85 Added missing netstandard dll to separate o365Import, ExchangeImport and ShortcutProcess40 separate installers.
9.6.39249.3 3c6b1f43 Displayed settings: JournalExplosionEnabledDomains and JournalExplosionEnableSenderRecipients on UI.
9.6.39249.3 bea5d75d PS: Add-ASContainerToTag – fixed case sensitivity sAMAccountName
9.6.39249.3 82dfb801 Fixed problem with default sql timeout during retry of items execution.
9.6.39252.1 3fa49c6e JournalExplosion – List of accepted domains is case-sensitive.
9.6.39259.1 603a3ced Files can be deleted from staging area without an additional Core check.
9.6.39259.1 55ef5b60 Fix of using OAuth when collecting shortcuts from hybrid mailbox
9.6.39259.1 f6e826e9 Auto enabling Stage2 – do not enable container mappings with HasShortcut filter.
9.6.39262.2 15bb0fd6 SkipValidation parameter is now offered when ContainerMappingId is used in start-ASStagingAreaCleanup.
9.6.39262.2 c6024c2f Added help for SkipValidation parameter of PS Start-ASStagingAreaCleanup command
9.6.39266.1 f054cf76 PS Add-ASContainerToTag not working same as in UI.
9.6.39266.1 496f8745 PS: adding items to response. (ContainerToContainerTag)
9.6.39273.1 fecd62f9 JE Check Quota – added ordering by latest check date, number of mbx to check in one command limited to 100 and changed logic of needs-execution checkin.
9.6.39273.1 84d28ad7 Change Import folder assignment behavior for JE mappings
9.6.39277.1 537c07ac Properly display data on BulkMapping view
9.6.39277.1 abfd1bc9 Adjusted query that gets mailboxes to check for quota
9.6.39283.1 6a56b935 Adjusted JournalExplosionCheckQuota interval to execute once per day
9.6.39283.1 b432176d Adjusted cleanup staging area for JE mappings to delete maximum files defined by JournalExplosionMaxBatchSizeItemsToClean setting.
9.6.39289.3 031580ec Fixed production issue with downgraded JELeaverMappingView in 9.5 version.
9.6.39290.1 1c11c171 Adjusted registering core service to the database functionality.
9.6.39291.3 6424f637 Fixed bulk mapping view to properly show duplicates for O365.
9.6.39295.1 d62307b2 Added deletion method to delete invalid core service records in database.
9.6.39296.1 65725e70 Include items failed on import into validation check for ItemSplitting.
9.6.39296.1 59ad309b Added flag IsModule set to true on update modules via Admin module.
9.6.39298.1 adc752b4 Item splitting – enhanced query which returns existing FolderPathIds.
9.6.39298.2 271e114d Fixed problem with explosion of duplicate smtp addresses from the same message.
9.6.39302.1 30e677cf Fixed Out of Memory exception for 32 bit EV Export module in GetUsedSpaceInBytes method.
9.6.39311.2 497b4e9d Adjusted Retrying of failed/hanging items to run in chunks.
9.6.39317.1 c00bf635 Fixed problem with case sensitive duplicate SenderRecipient addresses got during JE.
9.6.39326.1 d2e087d3 Added SQL condition to filter out “invalid” mailboxes from BulkMappingView.
9.6.39326.1 ce7fc273 Adjusted sorting of items which are got to import to pst.
9.6.39326.1 79494408 Fixed incorrect marking of users as deleted during Sync Office365 deleted users.
9.6.39326.1 fb7991bc Update Quadrotech.Powershell.Exchange NUGET
9.6.39326.1 6ec5f43c Adjusted EVPM args to use configured prefix value from config file when needed.
9.6.39326.1 1d71e098 Adjusted BulkMapping page to be able filter containers with AssociatedExchangeMailboxType = Unknown.
9.6.39332.1 6e61a5ff Fixed that in case exception occurred during check quota for PrimarysmtpAddress, whole batch is discarded.
9.6.39332.1 1dd44592 Skip non-processed batch in case mailbox fail check quota.
9.6.39337.4 6ae9d8d7 Update Nuget for Quadrotech.Messaging.
9.6.39339.1 4592e521 Adjusted Cred. Editor and module side to support Application Secret for Oauth.
9.6.39339.1 49d8c73b Fixed obtaining of last UserSid in critical section – implemented inter-process locking via Mutex.
9.6.39344.1 4d84038a Fixed problem when StagingAreaBasePath collection will change during deletion.
9.6.39351.1 3f4b7dd5 Fixed (optimized) query for obtaining last UserSid by prefix (SyncCloudOnlyUsers, AddO365LeaverMailbox, etc.)
9.6.39351.1 d597e1f5 Fixed discrepancy in records count for JELeaverUserView (changed to left joins to always show all leaver users from JELeaverUser table)
9.6.40007.2 ca622178 Adjusted EVExport to load message body instead of load of whole message.
9.6.40036.1 c4131358 Added additional logging of message properties to messages extracted from QAM
9.6.40037.1 04d5a6b4 Enhance QAM item collection to get folderless items also
9.6.40038.1 cc34d0ad Adjusted DellExportArchive Command to not wait on all tasks to be finished
9.6.40048.1 bfc5ed3e QAM export: Fail messages with count of recipients higher than configured in settings
9.6.40058.1 0bfd262d Extended timeout for item routing queries to 180 seconds
9.6.40087.1 94a53968 Adjusted retrieval of commands via queue with lock functionality.

Latest Version

Core: 9.6.40087.1
Modules: 9.6.40087.1

Known Issues

Due to exclusive file locks on the PST file or message being imported, one of the following errors may occur:

  • The process cannot access the file

Consecutive attempts at processing the file should be successful.There is a known issue with Outlook 2013 used with the Native Format Import module. More information is available here.
Ticket ID: 5969 & 5654
When customizing Stage 2 Workflows, it should be noted that DisableMailbox and DisableOrphanedArchive are mutually exclusive. This means that only one of those should be present in the workflow. If both are included then unpredictable results will be observed with some commands appearing to ‘hang’ during Stage 2.
KB: 625
The dates relating to oldest and youngest item in archive can vary from what is eventually collected from the item-level metadata in the source archive. This is because the data comes from different databases tables in the source environment. More details in the knowledge base article
Office 365 hold types
As of 1st July 2017, Microsoft is changing the way that legal holds can be used in Office 365. Archive Shuttle currently allows the usage of one, or the other, or both of these types of hold:

  • Litigation Hold
  • In-place hold

From 1st July it is required to use the legal hold type called ‘Litigation Hold’. More information is available in this Microsoft article.
The ‘In-place hold’ will be removed from a future version of the product.
Migrations involving folders with leading and trailing spaces.
This issue affects only Enterprise Vault migrations (to any supported target). All versions of Enterprise Vault are affected. A known issue in Enterprise Vault means that leading and trailing spaces in folder names are not provided to Archive Shuttle by the Enterprise Vault API. This can result in mis-named folders in the target environment. Veritas is aware of this issue, but there are no current plans to fix the issue.
Note: Confer with Microsoft to determine whether the terms of your licensing agreement are impacted by the legal hold feature.

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