This article contains a list of changes to the current version of Archive Shuttle 10.1 versus the original release of Archive Shuttle 10.1.

Change List

Build Commit Description
Core: 10.1.40328.1
Modules: 10.1.40328.1
Original release of Archive Shuttle 10.1
10.0.40328.2 5cfdc26d Moved insterting new command 1004 to command queue
10.0.40328.3 2123beb6 Metalogix: Remove hardcoded MamExch DB string from collect archives query.
10.0.40331.1 0100d086 Revert back UpdateBootstraper to 3.5
10.0.40332.2 15685715 Added possibility to define DB schema for Metalogix environment.
10.1.40332.2 a2432dd7 Fixed problem with DB update.
10.1.40332.2 5da85784 Use USerSid to get user for recreate
10.1.40336.2 b70747df Changed UseEws Property to nullable while processing of collected archives.
10.1.40337.2 4c28a77a Retry hanging items after 12 hours by default instead of 1.
10.1.40344.1 38ea02fd Fixed issue with flawed filtering in selective migration GetToExportBySenderRecipientMapping function
10.1.40344.1 9ea85bf4 Fixed Metalogix unique index violation (FileExtension, StoragePath) – changed 2nd level ConcurrentDictionary to lazy valued int
10.1.40349.1 0492a05e Added small enhancement and adjusted logs for Sr Collection.
10.1.40349.1 a6ad9aec Stop to check filtered items count for sub mappings during AutoEnableStage2.
10.1.40349.1 6da759db Adjusted o365 mailbox creation validation to support just (_, -, ‘, .) special chars.
10.1.40351.1 e94209d7 Adjustments to code and logs while processing of senderRecipients.
10.1.40352.2 ef79b73d Reduced amount of logs generated while exporting from EV.
10.1.40352.2 caedd401 Adjusted ResetTimeouts for SenderRecipient collection.
10.1.40352.3 d9eed774 Fixed issue with not saving ev collected items in item db after triggering item collection from ui
10.1.40358.2 c021c318 EVExport: Introduced fallback mechanism in case of “one of id or customidentifier or sequencenum must be set” error.
10.1.40358.2 cf9a4063 Feature: Introduce ability to disable SenderRecipient collection during EVExport
10.1.41012.2 0b844fae Fixed issue with null reference error on failed items page
10.1.41012.2 41a99c61 Fix issue with updating to latest 10.1 related to CredentilType FK in ModuleCredential
10.1.41015.1 d2e7f56e Fixed “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” error in case no senderRecipients collected for item.

Latest Version

Core: 10.1.41015.1
Modules: 10.1.41015.1

Known Issues

Due to exclusive file locks on the PST file or message being imported, one of the following errors may occur:

  • The process cannot access the file

Consecutive attempts at processing the file should be successful. There is a known issue with Outlook 2013 used with the Native Format Import module. More information is available here.
Ticket ID: 5969 & 5654
When customizing Stage 2 Workflows, it should be noted that DisableMailbox and DisableOrphanedArchive are mutually exclusive. This means that only one of those should be present in the workflow. If both are included then unpredictable results will be observed with some commands appearing to ‘hang’ during Stage 2.
KB: 625
The dates relating to oldest and youngest item in archive can vary from what is eventually collected from the item-level metadata in the source archive. This is because the data comes from different databases tables in the source environment. More details in the knowledge base article
Office 365 hold types
As of 1st July 2017, Microsoft is changing the way that legal holds can be used in Office 365. Archive Shuttle currently allows the usage of one, or the other, or both of these types of hold:

  • Litigation Hold
  • In-place hold

From 1st July it is required to use the legal hold type called ‘Litigation Hold’. More information is available in this Microsoft article.
The ‘In-place hold’ will be removed from a future version of the product.
Migrations involving folders with leading and trailing spaces.
This issue affects only Enterprise Vault migrations (to any supported target). All versions of Enterprise Vault are affected. A known issue in Enterprise Vault means that leading and trailing spaces in folder names are not provided to Archive Shuttle by the Enterprise Vault API. This can result in mis-named folders in the target environment. Veritas is aware of this issue, but there are no current plans to fix the issue.
Note: Confer with Microsoft to determine whether the terms of your licensing agreement are impacted by the legal hold feature.

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