Microsoft Office 365 implements a series of throttling policies on Office 365 tenants that can inhibit the collection of reporting data for Nova customers.
In order to improve the reliability and speed of the data collection process, we recommend that Office 365 tenants with more than 10,000 users take advantage of our Multiple Service account feature (what is a service account?).
By adding multiple Nova service accounts, you will help ensure that reporting data is updated in a timely manner without impacting your Office 365 tenant. These service accounts do not require a Microsoft Office 365 Licence which means that taking advantage of this feature does not add any cost to your Office 365 subscription.

Getting Started

Before we begin, you must create some additional accounts within your Office 365 environment with the correct permissions.
For simplicity, we recommend that these service accounts are named as follows:

To create the service accounts for reporting, please follow the steps outlined at this article.

To create the service accounts for DPC, please follow the steps outlined at this article.

Note: If you are using the SharePoint Online Reports module, you will also need to give this account the correct permissions to the SharePoint Online Site Collections you are reporting on – you can find the steps to do so at this article.
Alternatively, you can create a Security Group in Office 365 with these correct permissions and add the Nova Service accounts into this security group.

Adding these Accounts to Nova

To add an additional service account in Nova,

  1. Log in to your tenant as an administrator at
  2. Go to the My Organization tab
  3. Select your tenant
  4. Click ‘add account’.

An expansive article on service accounts in Nova can be found here.

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