Archive Shuttle may encounter an issue with updating the PrimarySMTPAddress entry for users’ Active Directory accounts in Hybrid Environments (primary mailbox on-premise, personal archive in the cloud) if there are linked mailboxes (for example, an environment with master and resource domains).
To populate PrimarySMTPAddress entry correctly there are two options:
1) Change the time execution interval for the Office 365 mailbox synchronization.
It’s possible to change the execution interval for the Office 365 mailbox synchronization in the CommandInterval table in Archive Shuttle Directory database for command with CommandId 1108 and 1109.
SELECT * FROM [CommandInterval] WHERE CommandId in (1108, 1109)
As an example, if we want to change the frequency to 6 hours, issue the following SQL:
UPDATE CommandInterval SET CommandIntervalTypeID = 3, Interval = 6 WHERE CommandId in (1108, 1109)
2) Disable Active Directory collection.
Once all users and mailboxes are collected for the Master and Resource domains. The Active Directory information gathering could be disabled on the Active Directory screen in Archive Shuttle user interface.

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