PST Flight Deck offers an option to enable desired users directly via the Active Directory environment without enabling those users in the console. This option is called Active Directory provisioning.

In the PST Flight Deck console, navigate to Settings > Environment > Advanced.

When AD Group Distinguished Name and Value next to Migration priority of Email priority is filled, all the users within the AD group are enabled according to predefined value in this option.

AD Group:
Both types of groups in Active Directory (Distribution or Security) can be used for this feature when creating an AD group for provisioning. The name of the group must be filled correctly from AD.
Distinguished name can be found in the Active Directory Users and Computers > Right click on created group > Properties > Attribute editor > distinguishedName.

Example of AD Group Distinguished name:

Now the AD Group is prepared along with the members ready for migration.

The task responsible for provisioning the AD group is called the Provisioning – Migration Priority.

This task can be scheduled or run from the following location in PST Flight Deck console:
Settings > Scheduled Tasks

Important note:
The migration priority of the Users enabled for migration before being added in the AD group won’t be updated according to the value set in the AD provisioning setting. The value for those users will not be changed.

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