A user with two workstations is prompted by the agent to migrate PST files found on both machines

Sometimes, individuals authenticate from several workstations with their same domain credentials. When prolonged use occurs on a workstation with the PST Flight Deck (FD) Migration Agent installed, a scan for PST files is likely to take place on multiple machines. It is also possible that the agents discovered a unique set of PST files on each workstation. Once this user is enabled for migration within FD, the user may be prompted to participate in the migration. The PST file list presented to the user may include all PST scanned and associated with this user’s credentials and may reference files found on other clients.
Furthermore, a user may be prompted for action related to the migration on any of the clients they access which have a FD Migration Agent installed on it.
This functionality is per the design of the product and this is expected behavior. Despite decisions being made related to files not being associated with a given client, the migration agent will only attempt to perform actions against files that were identified by the client that the agent is running on.
For example, if a user has BoxA and BoxB as workstations where the FD Migration Agent has been installed, scanning has occurred, and PST files were found. Each agent found a unique set of PST files. PST01 through PST04 was seen only on BoxA, where PST05 and PST06 were only seen only on BoxB.
When the user is enabled for migration, they receive a prompt on BoxA for a list of all the identified PST files (PST01-PST06). The user specifies actions to be taken against all files, however, the Migration Agent is client aware and only takes actions against files discovered by the Migration Agent running on its OS (BoxA). Next time the user logs into BoxB PST05 and PST06’s actions will be executed with no further prompting from that client.
The rule set in the background is that the FD Migration Agent will only be requested to upload files that it has discovered. If an organization has FD configured to scan its users remote “Home Drives”, agents from multiple workstations may identify and action those files. Using the example above, if the user had a remote home drive and PST07-PST10 were stored on it and able to be accessed from either client then the Agent local to BoxA and BoxB would both receive requests to upload the file.

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