Sometimes a PST file is not being deleted by Source File Remover module. The affected PST file has been set to the status “Migration Complete”, but it is hanging in the “Running” status on the Source File Remover module:
There may be a few reasons why the source file deletion command hasn’t been executed for the particular PST file yet (Source File Remover module hasn’t been completed with the status “Success”):

  1. All is fine, but the deletion command hasn’t been retrieved by Migration Agent yet. As the deletion command has been queued by the PST Flight Deck Core server, but there has to be also running Migration Agent to retrieve and execute the delete command on the workstation (running under relevant user).
  2. There is no Migration Agent running under users account to pick the source file deletion command up (for the user the particular PST file is assigned to); E.G. user hasn’t been online since the deletion command was queued.
  3. Source file deletion command has been lost. This issue may happen when Migration Agent reset was executed on the users workstation; after the deletion command was picked by Migration Agent up, but before the deletion command was executed.
  4. An unfinished upload command is still in the Migration Agent queue. As the source file deletion commands are executed once all queued commands for uploads are completed (for safety reason).

Please make sure there is running Migration Agent under the user account the PST file is assigned to. You can find this information in the workstation report in the PST Flight Deck Admin Console (Reports -> Workstation). Just filter the relevant user in the report:

The report gives you the date when the Migration Agent of the particular user was started last time. Please make sure you check the right workstation in case the user has more workstations and the affected PST file is located on one of them.
You may also check the last discovery date of the affected PST file:

This information gives you the date when particular PST file was discovered by the FileScanner last time. If you get a recent date it means the discovery process works fine.
Sometimes it might be necessary to retrieve the Migration Agent log files to investigate this issue further:
In case the affected user / workstation is online and no issue has been discovered (recent last discovery date & recent last Migration Agent start-up date).
Please follow this article to retrieve the Migration Agent log files:
There is also an option to re-queue the source file deletion command for a particular PST file again. Please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the entry for the source file deletion command (with the status “Running”) – of the PST file you want to re-queue the delete command for (filter the particular PST file and select “Remove Process” from the ribbon)
  2. Run the FlightDeck scheduled task “Delete Source Files” (Settings -> Scheduled Tasks).

Then the source files deletion command will be queued to Migration Agent again. Relevant Migration Agent will pick the command up once it asks for new for items next time.

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